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Reggaedownload.com  PRIVACY POLICY

Reggaedownload.com a division of Vital Vibe LLC provides compelling musical content to its site visitors and customers.

 This privacy policy applies to our operations  for all of our brands.

Privacy Statement

Reggaedownload.com gathers, or may at some future point gather data about our site visitors and customers for the purpose of serving relevant content to them at the time they visit our site.

This being said we do not currently collect cookie data relating to our site visitors.  Our advertisers on the other hand may collect cookie data relating to your web-surfing activities on our site.  Buy using our site you grant them the right to collect cookie data from you and to serve Advertisements to you.  Cookies collect data about your surfing habits and store that data on your computer for future use.


Apple, the Apple logo, and iTunes (R) are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.   iTunes is for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only.  Don't steal music.   All sales to customers via the iTunes store that you click to from Reggaedownload.com shall be between Apple and the customer (you).  Apple shall own and retain all right to title and interest in all names, addresses and other identifying information of customers visiting Apple's sites that Apple collects, including without limitation customers who access Apples sites via links. 


Amazon, the Amazon logo and Amazon.com are trademarks of Amazon.com registered in the U.S. and other countries.  All sales to customers via Amazon.com store that you click to from Reggaedownload.com shall be between Amazon.com and the customer (you).  

Form Data

Reggaedownload.com collects form data from you when you: subscribe to our newsletters, sign up to be a member of any of our sites and  respond to questions on our sites or in our blogs,   We reserve indefinite ownership rights to the information we collect.  We also reserve the right not to refuse to relinquish any of our data unless requested by legal authorities.


When you sign up for our email newsletters you grant us the right to market our services to you until you choose to unsubscribe to our newsletters.  You also grant our advertisers the right to market their products and services to you.

Business transfers

If we sell or merge any of our divisions we reserve the right to transfer your data so that business may continue uninterrupted.


You do not have to opt in to any of our products or services but keep in mind we may not be able to provide you with many of our services as a result of your decision.

Changes to Privacy Policy

If there is a change to our Privacy Policy we will indicate the changes on our website in our Q&A section. 

Privacy of Children

Our site is not intended to be directed at children.  By accessing our site you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old.



Reggaedownload.com may feature songs that contain sexually explicit  words or suggestive pictures. This being the case you must certify that under the Governing law of your country you have reached the appropriate age to allow you to legally access our content.  


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Any questions you have regarding our Privacy Statement can be sent via email to privacy@reggaedownload.com



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