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Reggae Calling - Exco Levi - A History lesson an nuff reality..listen dis. Reggae is calling. 

Don't Trouble Trouble - Pressure - Some a work fi babylon, fi real, tell dem Pressure.

Carpenter (Juggling Mix) Gappy Ranks - Gappy a tell dem bout di system babylon at fault again. Big tune.

Stand for Something (Juggling Mix) Keida - See it ya! Well done Kedia. Singing and DJ style. Irie.

All She Wants - Rob Symeonn

Sick in Them Head - Khari Kill - Tuff tune. Cool style.

Militant and Real - RockerT - Cool tune.

Life Is What You Make It Bobby Hustle - Reality, Bobby has his own style it is unique and cool. Irie tune.

Melodica In the Dance - Addis Pable - Well done instrumental. Gotta love it.

Melodica In the Dance Dub feat Addis Pablo (Sons of Dub)

Stand for Something Dub feat Keida (Sons of Dub)

War In the Dance Dub - Sons of Dub


Overall a very good album. This is a one riddim reggae album that has a little of everything for the reggae lover: toasting, singing, dub you name it. All the artists on the album put forth a good effort. You will find many reality no-nonsense songs here. The dub work by Sons of Dub was also quite good. Buy this one.

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Overall a very good album. The music is solid with a pop reggae, ska vibe. This is essentially an on the beach, let's have a great day album. If this is your vibe, buy this today.

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Wicked! Vintage Cutty Ranks Buy dis.

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Black Coffee - Perfect - Irie tune Perfect

Dem Nuh Know -Price Theo - What a tune!

Feel My Love - Nando Fresh - Love lyrics fi di oman dem yeh.

Hand to Hand - Menny More

Just Another Day - Mikey Ras - Tell Dem Ras. There is always another someting.

See it in Your Eyes - Major Christy - Love tune.

So Incredible - Ras Attitude - Irie love tune. 

Stay Away From Wrong (feat Asia) - Capital D - Irie tune. 

Combination style. Good message


You will find some irie tunes on this riddim. We like the culture roots vibe and it's present on this album.

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Ooh Waah - Azuri & RDX - A remake with much more. Nice combination style it works.

Priceless Body - Delly Ranks - What a tune!

Bade Regularly - Macka Diamond - Gal u fi bade, tell dem Macka.

Go Fina a Gal - RDX - Man u nuh fi fraid a gal RDX seh so. 

Fren Killa - Road Elf - Watch fi dem di Fren Killa fi real.

Soldier Girl - Sirani - Tuff tune..real tuff 

Wine up Again - Voicemail - Dem waa wine up again. Irie.

Man Not Watching - W.A.S.P. - What a tune! When im naa watch things will happen.


A dem kina dancehall riddim wi love (this the kind of Dancehall riddim we love) powerful, energetic and well produced. The DJ's and singers don't hold out on this one. Buy this riddim it is tuff. 

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Shubout Pt 2 - TOK - upbeat and powerful tune.

Dis Ain't Love - Cover Drive Cool - DH pop tune the combination works.

Bubble Buss ZJ Liquid - Ubeat and tuff.

Bubble Buss Riddim (instrumental) 


We really appreciate this upbeat EP.  The songs are solid.  You cannot go wrong with this in your dancehall collection.

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EVERLASTING (Deluxe Edition) Jean McLean

Meant 4 U - Irie tune remicient of a prior era.

Ancestors - Reality don't forget the past.

Me on My Own - Cool easy vibe.

Reggaebaby - This Reggaebaby can sing. Cool tune we like it.

Waiting in Vain - Remake of the Bob Marley classic. irie cool easy vibe. 

Love Me Baby - Really nice.

Higher - Higher is high on the list.

Never Gonna - Irie vibe.

So Close - Pleasant tune.

Things in Life - Irie tune.

Meant 4 Dub - Iire dub. Yeh man!

Dubbing the Ancestors - Anada dub irie.

Me On My Own Dub - Sailing 

Dubbybabby - Yeah

Waiting in Vain (Instrumental) - Cool and easy.

Higher Dub - Dub on

Never Gonna Dub - Dub it.


Overall this is a well done reggae album. Jean McLean is a powerful reggae singer and the underlying riddims backing her are quality. This is a very good reggae album.  We like the dubs at the end of the album.  Buy this. 

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Easy to Love - Very big reggae love tune and "easy to love." 

Loving You is Easy - Excellent reggae riddim nice song. 

Every Little Thing - What a tune! Lovers rock at its best. 

If I gave my Heart to You - A cool remake. 

Gravity Without a Woman (feat Beres Hammond) - R&B tune cool. 

Holiday - Good song. 

Bubble My Way (feat Assassin)-Have to love it. Great combination tune. 

Your Love (feat DeLaRose) - Love tune..irie combination.

I Could Be the One - R & B tune ... very likable. Hearts Across the World - Reality. 

None of Jah Jah Children - Cool.


 This is an excellent album for the reggae and lovers rock fan. This album is "Easy to Love." Buy it, you will not be sorry.


Other Vendors

Popcaan - Where We Come From


Hold On - Mellow tune with a message simply "hold on." 

Everything Nice - Irie tune...classic Popcaan. 

Number One Freak - Dancehall ...tune upbeat. 

Love Yuh Bad - Tuff tune. Upbeat and fun. Di oman dem will love dis. 

The System - Wi like dis (We like this). Reality. Upbeat with a message. 

Hustle (feat. Pusha T) - Hip Hop Dancehall tune feat Pusha T. Hot tune. 

Waiting So Long - Irie Dancehall Love tune. Upbeat. 

Cool it - Upbeat Dancehall tune. Yeh. 

Ghetto (Tired of Crying) - Listen dis one...reality. 

Evil - Hot riddim. Watch out fi di enemies. 

Addicted - Upbeat fi di oman dem. Yeh. 

Give Thanks - Listen to Popcaan's reality..confession. 

Where We Come From  


This is a very good album. It has tunes that are upbeat and lyrically precise.  The  riddims are well produced and you will find some reality tunes on this album which are rare from a Dancehall artist. This is a good album to own.

Other Vendors

No Prejudice - Natural Black

Africa Awaits - Great song. 

No Prejudice - What a tune! 

Rolling On - Upbeat tune. 

I'm On My Way - Upbeat fun tune. 

When Last - Listen to the words on this. Family values are important. Great song. 

Don't Play With My Heart - Great song. What a tune!

Feelings (feat Mcdeon) - Nice combination love tune easy mellow. 

Gimmie Di Trees - Yeh! 

Love Got Away - Love tune. 

Searching - Catchy upbeat tune. 

Just Got Paid - Upbeat ska influenced tune. 

Searching - This will be over - Positive tune...mek (makes)..sense. 

No More - Frustration in the world! 

Give Me Your Love - Irie tune. Upbeat. It av a ting. 

Special Girl - Irie tune. 


Natural Black is a thinker, and a reality speaker, this album is a keeper. We have many favorites. Add this album to your collection today.

Other Vendors

Hezron - The Life I Live 

Road Block - Good song. Inna Di Ghetto - Big tune great music. 

Fly - What a tune! 

Those Days - Irie tune. 

Addicted - A suh tune fi sound. Classic vibe. 

We can feel alive - Irie tune. 

Superwoman - A song that shows respect to women. Well done. 

Hussle Affi Gwaan - What a tune. Reality. Man affi eat. 

Mama - Love for mom. Well done. 

Welcome Home 

Forever and Always - Well written love song. 

Until We Meet Again - Good tune. 

Can't Come Between - Big tune...big riddim. 

Can't Tek Di Pressure - Reality. 

Her Single Right - For the single ladies. 

Needy and the Greedy (feat Mutabaruka)- Big tune. 

Chant - Cool mellow track. 

Take Your Clothes Off - Irie R&Bish track. Sounds good. 

Check - Cool tune. 

She's All Woman - What a tune! 

Lord With You - Positive! 

So In Love - Love tune cool. 

Message from the Grave - Not scary. 

Two Places (feat Shaggy) - Irie combination tune. Big tune. 

Land of the Warriors 


Hezron has a great voice deep and classic. A real reggae music dis man sing (It is real reggae music this man sings). Great songs and a great album. The music behind these songs is exceptional. The mix of the music is awesome.  We like most if not all this songs on this album, buy it.


Bugle - Anointed 

Reflection - Cool tune with a message. 

Anointed - When you are anointed u good. Tell dem. 

No Obligation - Listen to the words on this song..reality. Good message. 

I Don't Worry - Interesting. 

Tears of Joy - Good tune. Positive. 

Zion - Stay righteous. YRU - Irie reggae tune. Big tune. 

Move Dem (feat Julian Marley) - Listen closely. 

Nuh Compatible - Big tune .... but you knew this.

Infidelity (feat Lady Saw) Big tune. Great combination tune. 

Great Day - Very good tune. Positive. 

Carried Away - Mellow tune irie. 

Pain and Suffering (feat I Octane)- What a combination! Irie. 

False Prophets - Irie tune. 


If you want to hear a sensible artist, Bugle is one. He says it like he sees it and he makes songs that cause you to listen and think. He encourages you and makes you know that you have to do it and you cannot wait for others to do it for you. We really like YRU, Nuh Compatible, Infidelity and Pain and Suffering. Add this album to your collection today.


Ghetto Born Jah Vinci 

Ghetto Born - Good tune ....reality. 

Call on Jah - Call on Jah we have to keep doing it. More reality. 

We Nuh Trust Them - Good tune. Don of All Don's (feat Beenie Man) Big tune good combination. Hard riddim. 

Jah A Guide We - Wi like dis (We like this). 

Darling - Cool tune. 

Stronger - Hip Hop Dance Hall.

 Penitentiary (feat Jr.Reid)- Irie tune. Combination works. 

We Taking Over - Upbeat 

Jah Throne - Reggae beat irie tune. Nice vibes. 

Rude Boys and Police - We really like this. Very Big Tune. See it ya! 

The Conquering Lion - New Endings - Wise words. 


Overall a good album from Jah Vinci. The vocals are clear and well delivered and the beats are well produced. There are some good reality tunes on this album and we like that. Jah Vinci is a versatile artist and this album is one to pick up. 


Frame a Mind Riddim - Various Artists 


Closer to God - Bling Dawg - Reality, God naa sleep. 

Poverty-Samboni - Nice tune...reality 

Working Hard - Esco - Esco keeps working and so should you..listen di tune. 

I Don't Care - Truthful - Jah is watching u yeah! 

Pree Life - Delly Ranks - Yout listen dis carfully (Youth listen to this carefuly). True talk. 

Neva Stall - Quick Cook - Quick Cook a pray to im God. See it deh! 

Best To You - Jermain Michael - Jermain has a plan...a good plan. 

Can't Beat I Down - Influential - The title says it all. 

Problem Freemind - Singer Jah - Cool tune....interesting. 

Fram a mind riddim - Category 5 - Irie riddim 

Summary - A mellow, yet Irie, one riddim album with conscious lyrics. We like most, if not all of the tracks. If you are into conscious music this is a good album to own. 


 BRAZILIAN BUBBLE (World Cup Edition)



Supersonic energy!  Prepare to blast off.






What an awesome collection of real reggae music!  These albums contain songs made by some of the legends in the game during a time when reggae songs represented one of the few authentic voices of the oppressed and downtrodden.  Add these albums to your collection.  You will not regret it.  


Dancehall fans will appreciate this collection. On di album dem ave some (on the album they have  some) irie Dancehall tracks. Some of our favorites are: Par With The Rasta by Jah Izrehl and Galis Anthem which is a tuff tune. 

Rebelution - Count Me In 

Count Me In - Cool song. 

De-Stress - Most people need to do this. 

More Love - What we need is... 

Lost in Dreams - Irie music words Fade Away - Very music.

Hate to Be the One (feat Collie Buddz) - Upbeat combination tune. 

Roots Reggae Music (feat. Don Carlos) - You cannot go wrong with Don Carlos and Rebelution on one song. Well done. 

Counterfeit Love - Love tune from the heart. 

Against the Grain 



 You have to love this band, they play and sing reggae music their way.  While listening to the album you quickly realize Rebelution isn't a one dimensional band...they Rock Reggae. Overall a very good album. We really like Count Me in, Lost in Dreams, and Fade Away. Bless.




Alpha & Omega - Real reggae a throwback to the 70's vibe of reggae with some DJ toasting and dub elements.

Hear Comes Trouble - Big tune reggae at its best and in the 2000's a dis kind of trouble wi need (this is the kind of trouble we need), bring it.

Capture Land - History lesson reality about capture land and Chronixx's perspective of the solution. Crucial tune.

Rastaman Wheel Out - That cool 70's vibe again. Very upbeat and you observe Chronixx's lyrical capability.  We appreciate the horns on this track.

Eternal Fire - Cool tune a dem kina tune meck u skank (these kind of songs make you skank) and you get a message at the same time. See it deh!

Spirulina - Ahh see it ya (see it here), big tune!

Like a Whistle - Mellow

Alpha & Omega Dub - Irie.

Here Comes Trouble Dub - Irie

Capture Land Dub - Irie.


Overall a great album for the true Reggae fan. Chronixx delivers in a big way on every song on this album. We have one complaint, and that is we wanted more new songs and one or two more of his recent big hits.  Smile Jamaica anyone?  Wanting more isn't  bad we will take this and really appreciate it. Go Chronixx. We support you.



Time Will Come - Cool Reggae .. positive.

Million Miles Away - Very deep song listen to the message in this. Wow!

Stepping in the Name of Love - Wi love da one ya (we love this one). Wi steppin.

Babylon - Serious tune..militant..forward moving.

It's Alright (feat. Gentleman) - Two Reggae Ambassadors in a irie combination style. Yeh man!

Love You Like I Do - what a big tune! Nuff said.

I Will Be There - Very cool tune.

Mamma - Songs about Mamma are heartfelt this is no exception.

Pressure - Message tune. Listen.

Jah Jah Warrior - The song of a warrior.

A Yah Wi Deh (feat. Ky-Mani Marley) - Irie combination tune. 

Lighters Up (feat. Alaine) - The sweet sound of Alaine with IOctane makes for one cool tune. Upbeat.

My Story - Big big tune. A favourite. Reality.

Blood a go run - What a tune! 

Jah Jah Mission - We like this. Crucial.

Burn It - Officer listen to this. What's wrong with a little herb. Tell them IOctane. 


IOctane, the man with the truly unique voice delivers in a big way on this album. There are numerous songs you will truly appreciate here. We enjoyed this album and believe you will as well. None of the songs are boring or out of place. The combination tunes were well done and truly appreciated as well. Buy this one.
We have many favorites...choose yours.



Riot (feat Damien Jr.Gong Marley - Crucial combination style by two masters of their craft. Very big tune.

Entertainment 2.0 feat Jucy J 2 Chinz & Niki Minaj) - Hot hip hop tune. Crucial combination style by some of the big hitters in the business. Big tune.

Pornstar (feat Nyla) - Nuff energy.

Want Dem All (feat Konshens) - Cool upbeat tune. Powerful.

Hey Baby - Cool tune we like it.

Wickedest Style (feat Iggy Azelea) - Hip hop tune mellow. Combination style.

Dangerous Ground (feat Prince Royal) - Sean Paul shines on this one. Powerful Dancehall track. The combination with Prince Royal works.

It's Your Life - Upbeat and energetic. The signature Sean Paul flow is on display here.

Take it Low - Cool tune. Nuff energy.

Anyday - We really like this.

Lights On - She want's it with the ....Nuttin wrong wit dat. Nutting wrong with dis.

Legacy - Unique music. Upbeat.

Other Side of Love - Very cool tune. One of our favorites.

Turn It Up - Upbeat pop tune cool. Nuff energy.


Music is art. This is Sean Paul's current work. If you are ready to party this is an album for you. Most of the tracks are upbeat and will get you in a dancing mood.
The album is heavy on hip hop, dance and pop but you will find dancehall in the mix. Our favorite tracks are Riot, Entertainment, Hey Baby, It's Your Life, The Other Side of Love and Turn it up. If you are a Sean Paul fan buy this on today, if not check it out, you might just like it.  We like the cover art.



Dem A Watch (Wanna See Us Break Up) - Big love tune. Harmonious singing.

One Drop Remix - Tuff

Lost for Words (Speechless)- Reggae love

Special Occasion (feat Whippa Demus) - Cool tune.

To The Limit (Remix feat. Konshens) - Tuff tune great combination.

1 2 3 I Love You - Si love tune ya. Play this for your girl.

Sail Away (Stepping Out feat URoy) - Nice tune upbeat fun.

Burning Desire - We really like this one. Cool style.

Intro - Love Situation - Cool

Version of Love (My Story) - Love tune ....required.

Thank you - She will like this and thank you.

Five Days (feat Big Youth & Mr. Cheeks) - Irie tune cool combination and music. We like it. Good to hear Mr. Cheeks on this. It works.

Food for Thought - Listen to this. 

A Lifetime Skit 

Weldin Skit - Memories

Cum get your ish - Problems. 

Cry No More (feat Dean Fraser) - Very nice tune.


Love Situation by Tarrus Riley is a strong album. We enjoyed it and you will likely as well. There are plenty of quality love tunes on this album so it is appropriately titled. Tarrus is an incredible singer and performer and a writer of creative and interesting songs. We like the majority of the songs on Love Situation. Pick this album up today. 




Step Up feat Da Truth - Massive tune.  Upbeat, wicked lyrics and flow. Buy this.

Eyes on Me feat Fred Hammond - Upbeat with a message great tune.

Radio feat LaCrae - Hip hop Dance Hall tune, well done.

One Blood feat Stitchie - Title track dancehall fans may like this one. Two dancehall legends on one track ao it boun fi good (it has to be good).

Running feat Tasan - Great production, combination tune, quality lyrics and delivery.  

Get Right - Papa San - U  a go like da one ya (You will like this one).  

Revival feat Israel Haughton - R & B tune.  Quality singing and production.  Good tune.

Show Mi (feat. Tiffany Hall) - Mystic tune .. nice.  

I Love You feat. Tyrone Andrew - Hip Hop tune. Irie.

God is the Best feat. DJ Nicholas - Wicked tune.  

God By My Side feat Ryan Mark - Hip Hop  tune. It work.  Good message.

Blessing feat. Sherwin Gardner - Hot track cool tune.  Give thanks!


The first thing we must say is the production on this album is awesome, it really is! Quality from beginning to end.  Papa San's lyrical delivery is legendary and manifests itself here. Whether you are a Christian or otherwise you will respect the natural and incredible God given talent granted to Papa San,. The album One Blood it is a really good album.  We have many favorites like Step Up feat Da Truth, Eyes on Me feat. Fred Hammond, One Blood feat Stitchie, Running feat Tasan, Get Right, God is the Best, and the list goes on.  The combination (singer DJ tunes) on this album are perfect. Buy this






Tru Colors - Big tune..catchy. Watch u friends!

Go Hard feat Assassin Aidonia, I-Octane, Bounty Killa - Massive tune. Hip Hop Dancehall at its best.

I Know - Si tune ya! Buy da one ya (Buy this one).

On The Corner - Listen carefully to get the message. It comes down to what you have the power over,  your choices.  Good message.

Stupid Money feat Assassin - Cool tune.  Nuff ting a gwaan in this one.  

Long Time - Interesting track cool lyrics.  Dancehall, Dance everything. Upbeat

Strike Dem feat Capleton - When we first heard this we had to rewind the track because the intro was quite unique. A big tune dis. 

Be on the Alert feat Bounty Killa - Hear di message wi haffi protect the children (we have to protect the children).  Great tune good message.  

Nah Give Up feat Tarrus Riley - You cannot go wrong with the combination of Wayne Marshall and Tarrus Riley on the same track.

Go Harder (feat. Baby Cham, Ace Hood & Waka Floka) U like big tune? (Do you like big tunes?) Here is one for you. Straight.

Success Story - Dream big and proceed. Listen dis.

In the End - Love tune.  Unique.



We enjoyed this album.  You will find many creatively fused styles of music here like Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Reggae.  Many big and future hits are on this album like Go Hard, Go Harder, I Know, Tru Colors, Strike Dem and Be on the Alert to name a few.  Wayne Marshall has been and continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Reggae Dancehall world.  Big up to the Marley camp. Add this to your 2014 collection.  Bless. 




A Reggae Morning - Tuff tune we really like the vibes on this track. Rise and shine to reggae.

Be Alright - A dance-dancehall pop tune with crossover appeal.

I'm So - Upbeat for the street dancehall track get dressed and ready.

Overtime - Big song on a big riddim.

Vixen (feat Angela Hunte) - Irie combination reggae tune.

Sex Love & Reggae (feat. Bunji Garlin & Angela Hunte) - Title track that is upbeat and energetic. Tuff'll like this.

Non Stop - Dancehall fans will appreciate this song..we do.

Wet Fete (feat. Kes the Band) - Good soca tune.

Turn Me On - You can't go wrong wit tune like this.

Wine Slow - Cool riddim cool song.

Once More Time (feat. Melanie Fiona) - Big tune boss riddim.

Majestic Love (feat. Estelle) - Reggae love very good song.

Good Girls - We like this one caa wi a bad bwoy ..listen di tune.  


Tru Colors _ Cool remake well done.  

My Number One - Irie remake.



Overall a very good album by Gyptian.  We liked it more the second and third time we played it.  It's well produced and unpredictable (which is good).  The album contains reggae tracks but other styles of music as well.  You will enjoy this album.  We have many favorites...pick yours.  



Various Artists

Territory (Jah Cure) - Real reggae, nice vibes.

Resist Not Evil (Protoje) - Protoje never wants to lose his way and he hasn't on this track.  Level vibes.

Damage (Chezidek) - Good tune

The Revival (Kabika Pyramid) - Inna dis ya movement Kabika has again moved in the right direction. Cool tune.

Step Away (Iba Mahr) - Iba a chat bout di gun ting caa it serious (Iba is talking about the gun situation because it's serious). 

Preying On the Weak (Jesse Royal) - For real! Jess a dat dem a do (for real that is what they are doing) dem wicked eeh!

Uptown Downtown (Dre Island) - Uptown and downtown will like this one.  Big tune!.  

False Doctrine (King Mas) - King Mas is stating the King's opinion.

Militancy Dub Mix Greg Morris - Heavy heavy heavy dub.  


The Militancy Riddim is an album which features many of the established and rising stars in the reggae world today.  If you love real reggae and also one riddim albums you will definitively appreciate most, if not all of the tracks found here.  Without a doubt, a good album.



Richie Campbell

That's How We Roll - Positive tune.

Get With You - Love tune.

Love Is An Addiction (feat. Ikaya) - Reggae in a combination style with Ikaya.  Cool tune, well done good track.

More Than Air - Irie love tune.

Sacrifice My Life - Reality tune.


Gonna Leave You - Richie makes a statement shi betta listen (she better listen).  Good tune we like it.

Good for me - R&Bish song with some DJ toasting. 

Going Out - Cool tune.

What a Day

Piece of Bread - Nuff reality on this one.  Good tune.

Angel By My Side (feat. Turbulence) - Very unique track.  Different and interesting very cool.

Blame It On Me - Love song.

It Takes a Revolution (feat. Anthony B) - Big tune.

Don't Panic - Dancehall Hip Hop track. 


Richie tells stories in his songs that you can visualize.  This album is well produced and we must say it's refreshing to hear this level of sonic quality in any album.  Overall this is a good album with quite a few songs we like.  Out favorite song is 'It Takes a Revolution' (feat. Anthony B).  We also like 'Love is an Addiction' and 'Get with You'.


STREET SHOTS VOLUME 7 "Back to School" 


School Youth - Vybz Kartel 

Hot track with some common sense advice for the youth.

Unruly Rave - Popcaan

Party tune...Irie.

Bruki - Aidonia

One Drop (feat Venumous) - QQ

Big tune.  Girls do di one drop.  Yeh!

Mi Alright - Bounty Killer and Patexx

Power combination.

Choppinz - Kabaka Pyramid & Masticka

Unique yet effective production on the hip hop tip.  Nuff lyrics in da tune ya (Lots of lyrics in this song).

Music - Bugle

A great song about music. Listen it.

Live to Make - Jah Vincy & Mavado

Heavy tune!

Pull Up to Mi Bumper - Konshens & JCapri

Tuff dancehall tune.

The Bruckout Song - RDX

Upbeat and effective but that's RDX.  



 Street Shots Volume 7 "Back to School" is a great various album to own.  You will find many current and deservingly popular tracks on this album.  The quality of the songs are excellent and the stars come out bright to keep tings nice.  Yeh.




The Journey Intro

All of This Time - Nice, easy tune.  Rock reggae vibe...done well.

Riddim For Your Rights.  A song about the wicked vampires.  Very cool tune.

Catch The Train - Easy tune.

Back for More 

As You Are

Come Closer - Easy tune, irie music, level vibes.

Frozen Flame

Love in The Making - Cool reggae love tune.  Good music in the making.

Struggle Remains - Personal tune and we like it.

Worth the Dub


This is a cool Reggae/Rock album by Mishka.  Our favorite track is 'Riddim for Your Rights' Check this song and the album out.  If you are a reggae and rock fan this album is for you.






If I Slip You Slide (featuring Melissa Musique) - Big tune! Nice combination style.  Energetic!

Never Know What I Missed (feat. Samira) -  Mellow Singing/Combination style tune.  Samira on the chorus and Shaggy on the verses.  Well done.

Like Never Before (feat. Cocoa Tea and Joe) - Very cool. 

Fight This Feeling feat. Beres Hammond - Crucial Tune.  A Classic! Great combination style featuring legends Shaggy and Beres Hammond.  

All We Need is Love (feat Konshens & Jimmy Cozier)  - What a tune!   If  u love Reggae u a go love da tune ya (If you love Reggae you will love this one.)

Money & Friends - Personal song regarding friendship and money.  Reality dis.

You Girl (feat Ne-Yo) - Crucial tune!  You cannot go wrong with this combination.

Deadly Love (feat Peetah Morgan and Tessanne Chin) - The dilemma of love. Great combination of talent on this track.

My Duty (feat. Tarrus Riley) - Niceness! 

Crazy (feat. Damian Jr. Gong Marley and Chioma) - Ska lives. What a tune! U a go like dis ( You will like this.)

Bridges (feat. Chronixx) - Reality tune!  Cool.

Trouble Under Your Roof - The message is deep on this one.  I hope people listen.

Scheming - Classic Shaggy! Reality in a comical way. One of our favorites.


This is a really, good album.  You cannot go wrong by purchasing it.  The incredible Sly and Robbie tracks empower Shaggy and all the featured artists to rise to the occasion on each song,  We have many favorites here, Fight this Feeling, You Girl, Crazy, Scheming to name a few.  The incredible lineup of talent on this album sets it apart.  Get this. Bless!



MISSING YOU (Deluxe Edition) - Janet Lee Davis

If you love Lovers Rock reggae this album is for you.  If you love the sweet melodic voice of a quality female reggae singer, this album is for you.  Janet Lee Davis really delivers on this album.  Pick it up.  Bless..  



New Name - Si tune ya.  


Preacher Man - Cool tune with an opinion.

As a man (Interlude) 

Gratitude - Positive Words

Taken - Cool tune musically and vocally

Avocado - Irie tune a reggae dis.

Mr. Right - Love tune. Woman a go like dis one.

Jungle - Will really like this one.  Upbeat and positive with a powerful message.


Legitimate (feat Protoje) - Good combination tune featuring Jah9 and Protoje.

Inner Voice - Extraordinary.



Reggae nuh dead.  This album is proof of that.  Jah9 is an interesting artist who can sing and chant.  You can tell that she puts a lot of thought into her lyrics and this makes for interesting songs that are not repetitious in nature.  This is a very good reggae album. 


Spoken Soul - Introduction

Queen - Nice music, mellow vibe.


Beautiful Day - Irie reggae vibes.  A song about a lovely day.

All I Need - A cool tune.  We like it.

Whole New World - Interesting music, nice singing.

4 Play 2 Love (Start Over) - Irie love tune. 

Silly - Wicked remake.  Well done.  

Till You Get Old (Life's Gift) - A musically well put together song..deep.

The Prayer - Positive tune.

Strongest - A dem kinda tune wi love.  Reggae with a message.

Smile - Very well done musically and vocally.

Better Tomorrow - Positive tune. Irie music.  

I'll Fight (Hey World) - Si tune ya.  Powerful and it a seh someting (it is saying somthing). 


The music and vocals on this album are amazing.  Our favourite tracks are All I Need, Silly, Strongest, I'll fight (Hey World).  From our perspective the beautiful day everything is lovely songs are cool but where Etana shines as an artist is on the deep love song Silly and on the more militant songs like I'll Fight and Strongest.


Beautiful feat Keely - Blak Diamon

Nuh Compatible - Bugle

All Night - Fyakin

Whine - Gaza Slim

#1 Lover - Jordanne Patrice

Dynamite - Nicky B

Inside Me (Explicit) - Tifa

Inside Me - Tifa

Calling Your Name -Voicemail 

Calling Your Name - Voicemail 

4 Play Riddim - Anju Blaxx 


Overall a cool one riddim album.  The biggest song we believe is Nuh Compatible by Bugle we also appreciate Inside Me by Tifa, and Beautiful by Blak Diamon. 




Can't Waste No Time - Upbeat, joyous, remarkable.

No Candle Light- Wow! All u haffi do is play dem tune ya fi u oman and it done (all you have to do is play songs like this for your woman and it's over.)

In My Arms - Classic Beres you will absolutely love this one. 

Crazy Dreams - Love tune.

Lonely Fellow - Big tune...girls "save some of that."

My Life - What a tune! Rewind.

Keep Me Warm - Tune.

More Time - Irie tune in many respects.  The musical composition is special.

Shouldn't Be - What a cool song, R&B ish.  Mi a look a ting fi dance with now.

The Song - Story telling at its best. The reality of love.

Still Searching - Cool track.

Don't You Feel Like Dancing - The title says it all.  Don't you feel like dancing? Tun up dis one.

One Love One Life - Title track.

Can't Make Blood Out of Stone - Reality tune, listen carefully.

You Stand Alone - Very cool tune musically and otherwise. Pure reality.

Not Made of Steel - Very good tune. 

Family - Listen to this and vibes pon it. 

Truth Will Live On - Believe it.

Prime Time - Dancehall vibes. 

I Humble Myself (feat. Samantha Strachan) - Very good song.


If you are a man, your woman will love this album more than you will.  In fact after listening to this album she'll fall in love with you all over again OR she'll fall in love with Beres all over again...take your chances,  buy this album and you will somehow be rewarded.  The album "One Love One Life" by Beres Hammond is well done.  The songs are excellent, and Beres is on point both vocally and musically.   In the end the grand master prevails. Some people jus baan fi dis (some people are just born for this). Pick this one up today.


Nothing is Impossible - Good song.  He sings words that need to be heard.  Everting nice pan da one ya (Everything is nice on this one).

Can't Wait - Cool upbeat love tune.  Yeh.

Co-Sign - Reggae Hip Hopish tune.  It av a ting.  (It has something)

Before I Leave - What a big big tune.  Love the Jah Cure way ...masterful.

Unconditional Love - We know this song and it's another great Jah Cure song. Spanish and everting pan da one ya (Spanish and everything is in this one).  Nice music with that Reggae and Spanish influenced musical vibe.

Only Vice 

Choose Up (feat Jazmine Sullivan) - This is a crossover tune.    

Me Miss - Hip Hop Reggae ting if a your ting you might like it (if it's your thing you will might like it).

Like I See it (feat Mavado) - A suh u fi do Reggae HipHop (This is how you do Reggae Hip Hop). Big tune!

World Cry - This is the title track it's a pop crossover tune that we actually really like.  Music today is really international dem a do Reggae, while dem a do dem ting, so we a do dem ting, while wi a do fi wi thing.  A life.  Dallas haffi meck.  (Translation - Music today is really international they are doing Reggae while they are doing their traditional music so we are doing Pop/HiopHop etc. while we do our thing which is Reggae and Dancehall.  Money has to be made.

Reach Out - We like this one.  Nice riddim and delivery. Gwaan!

Save Yourself - Another good Jah Cure tune.  Listen to the message. While saving others save yourself ....or else.  

Praises to Jah (feat Phylisia) - Another crossover tune.

All By Myself - You know, this is one of those songs where you can really tell that the words are coming from a special place in the heart.  Good riddim, clear words, good song.


Overall a very good Jah Cure Album.  We really like many of the tracks.  The great thing about this album is it's not monotonous, you are not hearing the same type of music and delivery song after song.  On this album you will find Reggae and Reggae influenced music you will also find Pop and Hip Hop though to a much lesser extent.  You will find many artist combination songs.  We like this.  Support Jah Cure and buy this album.



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